The "Y" Family - Ann Arbor, MI Family Photographer

Brandy and I have known each other for a long while and I hadn't seen her since we graduated in 2001! The great thing about technology today is social media which has allowed me to stay up to date with people that I had been friends with in H.S., but we sort of went out separate ways afterwards. It is always nice to see them getting married, starting families and watching them grow! It is even better when they contact me to take their family pictures for them and I meet their families in person. :)

Raymond and Cole are all boy - jumping in rain puddles and all! By the time we got to the beautiful bridge/lake, they had wet pants and grass stains. ;) What are you gonna do though? That is just the way it sometimes goes. :)

...and they just found out they are expecting another little one! Congratulations to them!