The "N" Family - Lansing, MI OpLove Photographer

I am months behind on blogging the sessions I have done, so now it is time to play catch up... starting with the "N" family! :) We met up at a place that I have photographed at before, but hadn't actually explored much beyond the fabulous cabin they have on site. Little did I know what I'd been missing out on, especially with the beautiful pine tree forest - perfection!

The "N" family contacted me through OpLove and I was happy to take their pre-deployment pictures for them! They are an easy-going family that trekked down the hiking trail and dodged mud holes to meet me at the pine forest. ;) They have some pretty wonderful kiddos too; at the end of their session, they just came up and offered me a hug. How sweet is that?? :)

Poor little guy slammed his fingers in a door. :(