The "J" Family - Jackson Michigan Military Homecoming Photographer

I had taken pictures of the "J" family as an 'already deployed' session for OpLove back in the winter time. She had surprised her husband with the album as he didn't know that it was being sent over to him and the email she wrote me with his response to it was priceless. Something that I definitely love about OpLove, is giving the gift of those images to deployed soldiers.

She then contacted me to capture his homecoming in May. This was their first deployment and she asked me if what she was feeling was normal. I let her know that it completely was! Anxiousness was written all over her face - especially when they all marched out onto the floor. Yes, it is kind of pure torture when you have sit there and see your soldier for the first time in months and you can't just run up and hug him!

I can tell you this, having been through a deployment before with my husband, there is nothing like a military homecoming - nothing. If you want a sense of pride and honor, just attend one for yourself and see.