The Williams Family | Central/West Michigan Family Photographer

The first blog post of 2013! I was just going to make this a normal blog post, but I couldn't help but put some throwback into it (See below)! ;)

Sarah and I have known eachother since 3rd grade when I first moved to town. The only thing I remember is that I wanted to be her friend, but she wouldn't give me her number! When High School finally came around, we became great friends and did many things together: soccer, spring break a couple of years, we were even on homecoming court at the same time our senior year, went to college together and were college roommates! Through the years after though we kind of went our separate ways as life usually takes people: I moved back home and got married, she graduated and moved out of state.

Last year she moved back to Michigan with Craig and their son Cameron and I was so happy when she asked if I would take pictures for her and her family; the perfect opportunity for a reunion that was 9 years in the making! Since then, I have also taken Cameron's 7 month photos and this last time was his one year. It has been great to reconnect with an old friend and to be able to capture these memories for her and Craig!

This last time, Craig's sister also wanted photos with her daughter and oh my goodness, Sarah described Emery as FUN and boy was she right! One Direction's song "You don't know your beautiful" gets her dancing and singing and it is just THE cutest and funniest thing ever! She could definitely bring a smile to anyone's face! :)

And without further ado.... a throwback to 2001! ;)